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Butter from sheep’s & goat’s cream.

Φρέσκο βούτυρο πρόβειο και γίδινο.

Butter from sheep’s & goat’s cream.

Produced using the traditional method from Greek cream.

Our raw material (sheep's & goat's cream) is collected from Greek cheese dairies during the cheese making season (from November to August).

After it is pasteurised and instantly cooled on a plate heat exchanger, it matures for 16 to 24 hours in the refrigerator (butterfat crystallisation process).

It is then placed in the butter churn, where the fat is gradually separated from the buttermilk after 20-30 minutes of fast stirring (conversion of the fat globule phase from oil in water to water in oil), and finally when our finished product has turned into a uniform, spreadable mass, without any humidity on its surface, it is packaged by the automated packaging machines.

It is white, with a mild flavour and the aroma of sheep's and goat's milk, and its melting point is at 25-26 οC.

The KISSAVOS butter is suitable for all for all bakery, pastry and cooking applications.


Minimum fat 82%

Available in 2 package sizes:

1 & 5 kg.


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