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Clarified butter from sheep's & goat's cream.

Βούτυρο γάλακτος πρόβειο αι γίδινο.

Clarified butter from sheep's & goat's cream.

It is produced after the thermal processing of fresh sheep's and goat's butter, resulting in the natural separation of the fat in the raw material from the water and solids it contains.

This method, also known as the clarified butter process, gives our final product a natural aroma, which remains unchanged even at very high processing temperatures.

It is white with a grainy texture and its melting point is at 26-27 ℃.

The KISSAVOS clarified butter is suitable for all bakery, pastry and cooking applications.


Minimum fat 99.8%

Available in 3 package sizes:

Plastic bucket 5 & 10 kg and

tins 17 kg.


Clarified butter from cow's cream.

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